The history of St. Nikolas II family’s yacht // История семейной яхты Святого Николая II

BY DARIA KUSHNER (Дарья Кушнер) The story of favourite Nicholas II yacht // История любимой яхты семьи св. Николая II For 65 years of naval service, the ship, which might have been thought to be destined to ...

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Ural mountains

Some attractions of the Urals // Достопримечательности Урала

BY ALEXANDRA SEMENOVA (Александра Семенова) The sights of the Urals are numerous and diverse, so much that people say that there are more of them here than in Paris. Famous places are scattered throughout the Urals ...

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Valdai International Forum 2022, October 24-27 – Plenary discussion with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin

Valdai International plenary meeting with the President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin The theme of this year's forum is A Post-Hegemonic World: Justice and Security for Everyone. The four day-long meeting brought together 111 experts, politicians, ...

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Instruction: how to recycle things with eco points // Инструкция по сдаче вторсырья от эко-пунктов

Инструкция по сдаче вторсырья в экопункты "Седьмой лепесток" // Instruction how to recycle things by eco point "7th Lepestok" (7th leaf) 22/10/2022 Сортируйте отходы вместе с нами! // Recycle things with us! Зачем разделять отходы? // ...

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The Don Kayaking 2022 // Сплав на байдарках по Дону – 2022

09/08/2022 * English: At the beginning of July 2022, the “Monastic Rafting in Kayaks” took place along the Don River. Like any active holiday, this event was full of positive emotions and vivid impressions. By the way, ...

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The Ministry of Natural Resources to use ASI’s solutions // Минприроды России поручило внедрять решения АСИ

Минприроды России поручило подведомственным структурам внедрять решения, представленные в руководстве АСИ по проектированию объектов туринфраструктуры* на особо охраняемых природных территориях (ООПТ). // The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation has instructed subordinate structures ...

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