Russian fables by Ivan Krylov // Русские басни Ивана Крылова

Ivan Krylov's proverbs-poems // Пословицы-басни Ивана Крылова Ivan Krylov Mirror and Monkey The Monkey looking at her image in a mirror Conspiratorially whispered to the Bear, Right in his ear, "Look, my dear, Just look about. Yes, right here. D'you see this ugly snout? I swear That I would hang myself at once If I would bear With her just slight resemblance. And yet, It also should be said, We know five or six coquette Like that. I'd count them on the fingers of one hand." "Instead Of counting, won't ...

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Monthly Planner 2024-2025 // Еженедельник на 2024-2025 год

Special and Unique 2024-2025 Monthly planner in PDF! // Особенный и уникальный еженедельник (с разворотами на месяц) на 2024-2025 год! We made a special and unique Monthly planner with calendars, weekly schedules, lists to do and things to check! // Мы приготовили особенный и уникальный планировщик с календарной сеткой по месяцам, расписаниями, списками дел, которые нужно проверить! EnglishMag monthly planner for 2024 - 2025 (first half) // Планировщик на 2024-2025й год (первая ...

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Natural remedies against the virus // Природные средства против вируса

Fighting the virus with natural remedies // Борьба с вирусом натуральными компонентами (русский текст ниже) - EnglishMag 1Q/2022 article In modern society, where only pills and chemical medicines are used, we forget about prevention with folk remedies that increase our immunity and save us from viruses, and coronavirus strains* are not exceptions. Natural remedies do help a lot, but for Pharm. industry it is more a problem, cause then people will not buy ...

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Ecology & Smart Recycling — “How-to guide”

Ecology & Smart Recycling Topics of Ecology and Recycling are always timely, but nowadays it gets more and more attention from the ordinary people and of course from the media, as well. Just imagine, how many kilos of garbage we throw away every day? Plastic bottles, carton packets, plastic bags, food leftovers, read papers, used batteries, you don't need to go too far - just look into your garbage bin. In ...

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EnglishMag - English Magazine - Print and Mobile

Online free version of the magazine English Mag (demo)

English Magazine - 1Q/2021 The magazine has unique* interactive materials accompanying the printed edition. Each article has additional* multimedia content that can be access with QR codes posted on the pages of the magazine. Get to know the magazine with this demo* version! Журнал имеет уникальные* интерактивные материалы, сопровождающие печатное издание. Каждая статья имеет дополнительный* мультимедийный контент, открыть который можно с помощью QR кодов, размещенных на страницах журнала. Узнайте лучше журнал с этой ...

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EnglishMag workbook 2021

IELTS in 2021 (Workbook and websites to follow)

In this workbook, you will find IELTS practice tasks on Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. Thanks to Milena Kazemir, who passed IELTS with the highest score in Reading 9.0!  В этой рабочей тетради вы найдете практические задания IELTS по письму, чтению, говорению и аудированию. Спасибо Милене Каземир, которая сдала IELTS с самым высоким баллом по чтению 9.0!  Also, Elina Kiprova is comparing TOEFL vs. IELTS and providing real examples of what you may have in the ...

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Marat Safin with kids

Marat Safin: Parents have to recognize what gift their child has

Marat Safin, according to public opinion, is considered the best Russian tennis player in modern history. By the way, Marat and his sister Dinara are the only siblings who became the #1 tennis players in the world (he became the first in the ranking on 20 November 2000, and Dinara — on 20 April 2009). We would like to share Marat’s thoughts on whether or not parents bring up their athletes correctlyМарат Сафин, согласно ...

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Motivational Speech by Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic Speech – Ник Вуйчич вдохновляет

Nick Vujicic and his motivational Speech   00:20 The author of 6 best-sellers translated into 30 languages, Bachelor in Financial accounting and financial planning. He is actively surfing and jumping and skating. 00:37 The world champion in hugs. Happy spouse and father. He is typing 43 words a minute. He is inspiring people all over the world to think over their lives. 00:50 The most well-known motivational speaker in the world Nick Vujicic [I know that something more.. sure..] ...

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Keep Calm – Сохраняйте спокойствие

The world of food words The culinary world always serves up a feast of new terminology, and the latest spread is no disappointment. The new menu ranges from the healthy—such as superfruit, a term used to refer to fruits considered to be particularly beneficial—to the markedly less healthy—such as shoestring fries, also known as shoestring potatoes, which are French fries sliced extremely thinly. If you order the Cuban sandwich frita (from the feminine of Spanish frito meaning ‘fried’), ...

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Top12 Websites for all occasions

We offer you 12 sites in Russian and English, where you can get great training! Just invest your time and become a great pro.Мы предлагаем вам 12 сайтов на русском и английском языках, где вы можете получить отличную подготовку! Просто инвестируйте свое время и станьте отличным профессионалом. Online courses edX Two prestigious universities — Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of technology — have teamed up to offer courses in different fields of study ...

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