Top 25 ways how to make your community (city, town) better

Top 25 ways how to make your community (city, town) better ♻

Small ways how you can improve your city

by Karina Darbinyan and Lyubov Potapova

Sometimes the smallest things we can do for our neighborhoods [1] can have the biggest impact [2].

Here we want to share urban [3] inventions [4] and ideas that show how even the tiniest [5] changes can make our cities better places. We would like to share some ideas how you can improve your city by doing things, which looks small at the beginning, but they will be great for the community and for the planet overall. We found a really interesting website where you can find 101 ways how to improve your community and we decided to show you the TOP 25 examples out of this list. For example, you wi ow

the power of a vegetable garden planted in a vacant lot [6] or a library installed on a sidewalk [7].


1. Make a seat. ‘‘One small thing a person can do for your city is build an attractive [1] bench [2] and place it where it’s needed. There is an urban-seating deficit all over the world and some of my favorite cities are those where people frequently build their own street seats. Here are bunch of examples we once catalogued in New York City’’. – Mike Lydon, “seats inspirer” says. Check the website As silly [3] as it sounds, the opportunity to sit down is one of the great joys, if not necessities, of urban living. Urban cities all over the world fail to provide enough places for people to rest, socialize [4], or simply watch the world go by.

Here is another project worthy of attention. “The Street Plans Collaborative,” is designed to plan and decorate parks and other places to help people have a comfortable and convenient way to recover themselves after hard-working weekdays

2. Bicycle routes for every place. Every city or town where you live deserves[5] its own cycling routes [6] with special highlighted zones for cyclists. “Street Plans” organisation has been making really great eco-projects since 2009 and they have a lot of great ideas, including improvement of bicycle lanes [7]. To best illustrate possible and desired physical transformations, Street Plans developed before and after plans, sections, and photosimulation renderings [8] to communicate desired outcomes [9]. Complimenting the physical design solutions are a variety of infographics, case studies, and best practice descriptions.

The guide will be used to educate the St. Louis region’s citizens, planning professionals, and political leaders. It will also be used to advocate for a more economically prosperous and equitable region, one that focuses on the creation of streets designed for everyone (See as an example).

3. Create a little free library. Libraries may change and evolve [10], but the pleasure and joy of reading a book remains. In Dallas, the Little Free Libraries/Libros Libres project helped construct and decorate makeshift [11] shelves positioned across the community. All libraries operate under the guiding principle [12] of “Take a book, leave a book,” and are publicly accessible, and free. We actually also have such libraries in Russia, but they need more support and collaboration with the local people. Inspired [13] by the wider Little Free Libraries movement – it’s creating a real-life literary community on city streets.

4. Plant a tree, or better yet plant a community garden. Shade [14], serenity [15], sustainability [16] – trees add so much to the urban landscape [17] and ask so little. Many cities give away free trees and planting services. Trees make а city more livable by:

removing air pollutants that can trigger respiratory illnesses;
reducing stormwater runoff;
keeping the city cooler during the summer;
providing shelter and food for birds and other wildlife;
• offsetting climate change by reducing energy used by buildings, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions that pollute our air.
Require tree planting permits [18], so check your local rules before you start digging [19]
Rolling up your sleeves [20] and digging in the soil [21] offers a great way to meet neighbours and collaboratively [22] add something to your neighbourhood. To get started, the American Community Gardening Association offers a set of resources and recommendations on how to manage and maintain a public patch [23].

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