Well-known Magazines

English Magazines – buy in Russia

<— here you can go to the official websites of the most popular magazines in the world (most of the websites are in English) But, did you know that you can buy National Geographic magazines here in Russia? Где можно купить журналы на английском - Places where you can buy English magazines Кто из вас пытался купить журнал на английском языке в киосках? Я думаю, если это было в России, то результат ...

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Top Magazines and what media writes about Russia

You can find the latest issues of world publications on the official websites of the magazines. You can also look what is written in the world about Russia. Foreign media often write points of view that are very different from the current situation in Russia, since most journalists do not know Russian and do not work with primary sources. In the comments, you can defend your point of view, and even ...

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