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Nick Vujicic and his motivational Speech



The author of 6 best-sellers translated into 30 languages, Bachelor in Financial accounting and financial planning. He is actively surfing and jumping and skating.


The world champion in hugs. Happy spouse and father. He is typing 43 words a minute.

He is inspiring people all over the world to think over their lives.


The most well-known motivational speaker in the world Nick Vujicic

[I know that something more.. sure..] [Music]


Moscow. Privet. Dobryi den. Spasibo. Ya lubim Vas (in Russian). It is my privilege and honor to be here with you. I understand that for anyone who does not speak English you all have a headset. Is that correct?


We’re good. Can you put your hand up if you speak English? Can I see put your hand up you speak English? Excellent! And put your hand up if you have a headset and it’s working. Fine. No. Okay. Well. I’m sorry I don’t speak Russian and they told me that you have headsets so I hope that that works out great.


I want to thank global synergy and the forum for having me here today. I really appreciate the children who sang that song. Can we thank those children who sang that song, please. Thank you. I want to say today that I don’t know who you are and I don’t know what challenges you have but not all challenges are bad.


There are times in life where things happen that you don’t understand how you’re going to overcome some obstacles you don’t know how to overcome some fears and I hope that today with the spirit of entrepreneurship that you’re inspired to not see challenges just as a bad thing but to see challenges as a good thing at times. We know that as an


entrepreneur, we could say well it’s very difficult to become an entrepreneur in Russia. it’s hard in Moscow either there’s a lack of resources or there’s too much competition or there is some other reason why it’s difficult to become an entrepreneur.


I don’t word I don’t say that I’m personally an entrepreneur as a primary thing or career but I’m first of all a father. I’m second of all a family man with my husband role with my wife Connie. I love my children and I love my wife very very much and no matter who Nick Vujicic is.


No matter what good and excellent things I ever take on. Whether it be a speaking career, entrepreneurship, projects, first and foremost is faith and family and I don’t know who knows the good news but my wife is expecting identical twin girls in three weeks time.


We already have two boys 4 and 2 years old Kyoshi and Dejan and they’re already taller than me and I used to be somebody who oh…There they are! Yeah! Aren’t they beautiful? Klassno! Krasivo! (in Russian).


I am… I never thought that my dreams would come true of being happy. I never thought that I would have peace in my heart. I always thought to myself that I would always be alone but my parents taught me some great principles and values to dream big and to never give up.


I was convinced that I would never be able to get married and even hold my wife’s hand. Well I don’t need hands to hold my wife’s hand I just need to be the husband that holds her heart.


And you don’t need hands to hold your wife’s heart. How am I gonna hold my kids when they when they’re crying I thought. Well I I cannot put my arms around them but they put their arms around me.


And what I want you to understand is that the power of perspective of challenges is so key. You know my mum and dad they had a wonderful perspective and really amazing foundation of love.


They love me they told me that every day: “Nick, you’re beautiful. Nick, don’t worry about what anyone else says about you. Nick you can do anything you put your heart to.” I want you to know that if it wasn’t for a foundation of love I wouldn’t be who I am.


If it wasn’t for a foundation of love I actually wouldn’t be happy. Let me ask you two questions today: who are you and what do you want. I want to be real with you and tell you that achieving goals there’s nothing wrong with achieving goals.


There’s nothing wrong with making money but your identity and your value has nothing to do with what you achieve or what people think of you or how much you have.


We need to first get rid of that mentality of disability of victimization. When we have a challenge the first disability we have is “poor me”. I have no arms and legs.


Maybe your situation is different. Maybe you have an alcoholic father. Maybe you have a lack of skills. Maybe you want to start a business but you need money to start a business. Now you can either sit in the corner like I could have sat in the corner and said. You know what I have no arms and legs. I have no arms and legs.


But my parents said: “Stop complaining about what you don’t have and try to change what you can. Be thankful for what you have. Because if you are thankful for what you have now you use what you have. Have you ever thought about this way? Success is not how much money you have.


Success is understanding that somebody who has success was a master of using what they had to the best of their ability. For instance, if I don’t know how to invest properly 100$ . How do you think I’m gonna be able how to invest 1000$ properly.


For you and your life we become victims of what we have… I wish I had this and I wish I had that…My parents said: “Nick, don’t wish for what you don’t have. God didn’t give you arms and legs but he gave you a brain. Use your brain! You have a little foot, do something with your little foot.”


I wanna ask you today, what are you thankful for? Think of it, for a second. Because an attitude of gratitude is not outlined when we are in this victimization mode. Everyone is against me. I wish I was in a different place, I wish I was born up different, I wish I had more money, stop being a victim and see what you do have! And give yourself a chance.


I don’t wanna talk about broken pieces in your life. I wanna talk about you and where you are right now and your goal. Because, no matter where you are studying, we all start from the beginning. Take one step at a time, one step at a time, one step at a time.


You don’t know what’s around the corner. I don’t know, I can’t achieve it with my little foot until I try. Thomas Edison, he made the light bulb. Do you know how many times he tried to make a bulb? 10,000 times. Thomas Edison changed everything, look how many bulbs we have!


They probably have 100,000 lights in this auditorium. How many light bulbs are there in the world? Because that all started with a vision and a dream…


He tried his best with what he did have. And when someone came up to Thomas Edison and said: “Hey, how does it feel like failing 9,999 times?” You know what he said: “I never failed 9,999 times, but know I do know 9,999 times how not to make a light bulb!”


Isn’t that interesting? Is it okay? Is it okay to fail, Moscow? Is it okay to fail? Da? If you fail are you a failure? Net! Is it okay to fail? Yes! Who do you know who has never failed at anything?

Has your dad failed at something?


Has your mum failed at something? Have you failed at something? Has your spouse failed at something? We all have something in our life that we go through our ups and downs! If you see my foot ups and downs, ups and downs, ups and downs.


And I want you to know that you need to be your biggest encourager! You can be victimized by people who say: oh, that’s your dream and goal, it’s never gonna 28



Guess what happened when I told my mum and dad that I wanted to be a speaker? You know what she said: “Whoa. You want to be a speaker? And said uh-huh she said what do you want to speak about?


I said I don’t know. She said who’s gonna want to hear you speak? I said I don’t know. She said: “Are they’re gonna pay for you?” I said: “I don’t know.” She said: “Do you have any invitations?” – “No!” “How you gonna get them?” “I don’t know.” She said: “Even if you had something to say and someone wanted to hear you speak and they paid you. How are you gonna get to this speaking engagement?” Good questions, right?


now it wasn’t demeaning from my mum and dad. My mom and dad are very logical. They’re very wise! My mum and dad always said: “Nick, work hard! Life is not gonna be just something that you get given things! You got to do something! Don’t be victimized!


When I went through the shopping mall and I saw a toy that I wanted. When I said mom I want that! You know they said no! Pay for it yourself! but I have no money!


Good! Then figure out how you’re gonna get money! You see they were not mean to me but they didn’t want me to be a victim, to believe that everything is owed to me! They said to me: “Your brother, Nick, takes out the rubbish bin. Your sister is too young. You can do something at the house and get paid! What do you want to do? And I said you know what?


I’ll vacuum the floor! At six years old I started vacuuming the floor walking like this and holding the vacuum cleaner like this and go like this… and a week pay would be two dollars. If I wanted something from the store that cost fifteen dollars I’d have to save for seven weeks or eight weeks! Do you know what that taught me? It taught me patience!


It gave me dignity! It helped me to understand how important it is to save money! To set goals! All of those lessons came from my parents saying no to that toy! Please, don’t be a person that gives everything your children want!


I’m very generous to my children, but I also set goals for them and I want you to know that those early things that my parents did for me helped me to understand you know what? I have control over maybe not everything, but I’m gonna take control over what I can change. That led me to a

financial literacy career.


In my mind knowledge, expansion of a world of financial independence. I went into stock

market investing at age 16. Me and my brother when my dad was at work we traded his money on the stock market for him. We were teenagers!


At age 19 I bought my first real estate investment property and made 50% in one year! I want you to know that dreams can come true, but you need to be faithful with the little things first and try to figure out what mental disabilities do we have when it comes to dreaming big.


You might think that you will have people who will put you down. And you think that maybe my mom and dad were not encouragers to my dream but guess what? They were not the biggest discourages either! I was! I was! think of the 3 biggest discourages in your life, who are they?


It only takes 5 seconds for someone to discourage you and you walk away and guess what you do? You repeat it in your mind! When I go to school and people look at me and tease me at school. It takes three seconds to say you’re ugly! You’re ugly! you’re ugly! I walk away and I’m thinking I’m ugly! I’m ugly! I’m ugly! You are your biggest discourager or encourager? Don’t play the victim role.


Second thing, have an attitude of gratitude! I want you to think of something right now! I want you to think of actually the top three things that you’re thankful for! think of them! Are you a person who’s thankful? Let me tell you, I’ve seen more poor people happy than rich people happy! I’ll say it again.


I’ve seen more poor people happy than rich people happy! I would like to be rich and happy, but that’s the truth! It’s not about riches that give you happiness! But if I told you right now I want you to think of three things you’re happy for! I don’t think money is there. I think your faith is there. I think your family is there and I think maybe your friends are there.


Let me ask you a question, if you had 15 seconds to breathe what do you think of your life? When was the last time you hugged your wife? Or took her on a date? Or bought her flowers? Or massaged her stinky feet? When was the last time you had a conversation with your children?


That’s not got to do with a career or school or cleaning their room! You see my dad had three jobs, he was very very busy and my dad was a leader of a Protestant Church. He did that voluntarily and he did three jobs plus start a 29

church and he had a disabled son and two other

children and my mom had a full-time job as a nurse.


He was very very busy, but you know who my dad was to me? Not just my dad he was not just my role model. He was my friend and I talked about him in a past tense because seven months ago he died of cancer and I’ll never forget the times he was 62 years old pretty young.


Many people say, yes! Very young! But I’ll never forget when I was a kid that he will work so so so hard, but when he was home he was home! like when I go home I am home! if I take my phone to the dining table do you know what my wife does?


She grabs my phone and puts it on a high bookshelf and I cannot reach! Because when I am home then I am home! and when I’m with my family. That’s my greatest joy that’s my goal, that’s my passion!


Yes, you must sacrifice some family time for seasons. Especially when you’re starting a business, but don’t let the good and excellent things in this life distract you from the most important things!


Because today might be your last day, make today count! Make sure that you understand that at your funeral no one’s going to talk about your achievements. They’re going to talk about who you are, were you kind, were you loving, were your gracious, were you forgiving, were you thoughtful or self-centered?


I want you to know that culture doesn’t have to mend who you are. And yes the business world is difficult but you don’t have to change the level of integrity in your life, either. In fact I will tell you I would rather be a poor man with peace in my soul than a rich man who will never forget the lies he said or regret or shame or guilt.


Can you see a limbless man smiling? It’s because it has nothing to do with arms and legs! And I’m telling you young entrepreneurs and older entrepreneurs of Moscow and the future of Russia, your integrity matters because who you are and how you do what you do sets the bar and the foundation of this nation!


That practices of many countries are being – now 68 countries and there are many business people who believe that it’s okay to bend on different integrity levels. I’ll tell you right now, the moment you are not integrity as a citizen of Russia, I want you to know that you have stopped the full potential of this country. It is with integrity that we do everything. We do and that’s life!


How do I expect my sons to know how to be a good husband who cherishes their wife. If I don’t show them how I cherish their mother, how will I expect my sons to know what generosity is until they see? Their father donates his time and money, a million dollars, through our nonprofit organization to setting sex slaves free, orphanages that they can get medical equipment, wheelchairs, whatever it is.


You got to be real and we must step out of that bubble of wanting more and not being thankful for what you have. Ask yourself today who are you and what do you want today call your mother or your father if they’re alive or your wife or your kids tell them that you love you.


Tell them that you love them, in fact, with the permission of the person sitting next to you, I want you right now, with the permission of the person sitting next to you, give them a hug or give them a high-five right, now go! We’re gonna do something a little different, are you ready? Moscow, are you ready?

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