Welcome to Voronezh Oceanarium // Добро пожаловать в Воронежский Океанариум

Voronezh oceanarium at city-park GRAD // Воронежский океанариум в сити-парке ГРАД  In the Voronezh Oceanarium you will meet not only rare* fish, but also many interesting animals. // В Воронежском океанариуме вы встретите не только редких* рыб, но и многих интересных животных.Walk through polar zones, steppes, and jungles, and see 300 animal species* at Voronezh Oceanarium, one of the largest* oceanariums in Russia. Spread across 4,400 sq m (47,400 sq ft), ...

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Divnogorye and the view on Divnogorskiy Monastery

Divnogorye can be amongst UNESCO heritage places // Дивногорье может быть в списке памятников ЮНЕСКО!

UNESCO tentative list: Divnogorye Historical and Cultural Complex. Предварительный список UNESCO: Исторический и культурный комплекс Дивногорье перевод: Савин Леонид, Шамедько Анастасия source: UNESCO description // Описание UNESCO:First of all, Divnogorye is a unique place for a number of factors. Divnogorye is a unique cultural landscape*, located in Voronezh Oblast in the center of the European part of Russia. It results from the continuous interaction of man and nature from the Late Paleolithic to ...

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Issue 1Q/2021 – Editorial // Редакторская колонка

How to live in 2021 // Как жить в 2021 году Editorial  “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps". – Proverbs 16:9 EN - RU: “Мы можем строить свои планы, но Бог определяет наши шаги". – Притчи 16:9 Vlad Tishchenko, the editor-in-chiefThe previous year was very difficult for many of us... And this quote said by one of the wisest men on Earth centuries ago is absolutely right and these days, too. ...

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