UN Climate change conference

UN Climate Change Conference 2021

1-12 November, Online sessions of UN Climate Change 2021 UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) Ecology conference Youth groups, civil society, academia, artists, business from across the UK and all over the world are hosting events, exhibitions, cultural performances, workshops and talks. With over 100 exhibitors, 200 events and 11 sponsors taking over the space, there will be amazing opportunities to listen, learn and celebrate climate ...

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Trees cut down, Voronezh // Вырубка деревьев, Воронеж, 8.10.2021

В Воронеже активисты сообщили о вырубке отданных на сохранение деревьев

В Воронеже активисты сообщили о вырубке отданных на сохранение деревьев в яблоневом саду // In Voronezh, activists reported on the felling of trees given for preservation in an apple orchard Voronezh, 8-11 October 2021 // Воронеж,  8-11 октября 2021 В Воронеже активисты сообщили о вырубке отданных на сохранение деревьев в яблоневом садуЧитайте также: Вести Воронеж (11 октября в 23:13)Some trees were possible to preserve //  Некоторые деревья можно было спастиВырубку деревьев в ...

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Пересадки деревьев в яблоневом саду на Ломоносова

70+ trees, a medal and an apple orchard – the weekend in Voronezh // 70+ деревьев, медаль и яблоневый сад – как прошли выходные в Воронеже

Более 70 маленьких деревьев пересадили жители Воронежа с территории яблоневого сада, где планируется построить мега-школу, в прошедшие выходные // More than 70 small trees were transplanted by Voronezh residents from the territory of the apple orchard, where it is planned to build a mega-school, last weekend Voronezh, 2-3 October 2021 // Воронеж,  2-3 октября 2021 The Department of Ecology of Voronezh and the press service of Voronezh Administration supported the initiative of social activists and environmentalists ...

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Voronezh apple garden

Mega-school vs. Apple orchard park // Мега-школа vs. парк яблоневый сад

Сейчас в Воронеже под создание мега-школы происходит вырубка яблоневого сада, визитной карточки города. // Now, for the creation of a mega-school, an apple orchard, as the site of special attraction, is being cut down in the city of Voronezh. Voronezh, 28 September 2021 // Воронеж,  28 сентября 2021 For more than 10 years Voronezh was known as a "City Garden" - annual garden festivals, agricultural exhibitions were held, like Voronezh Festival of ...

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Voronezh apple orchard and volunteer day

Voronezh residents will ask Putin to save the apple garden // Воронежцы попросят Путина спасти яблоневый сад

Воронежцы попросят Путина спасти от масштабной застройки яблоневые сады. Активисты собирают подписи местных жителей. Voronezh residents will ask Putin to save the apple orchards from large-scale overbuilding. The activists are collecting signatures of local residents. Voronezh, 15 June 2021 // Воронеж, 15 июня 2021 Защитники яблоневых садов в Воронеже собрали около тысячи подписей под петицией для В.В. Путина, Президента Российской Федерации. Примечательно, сбор петиций начался в день России, 12 июня, и жители хотят собрать намного ...

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Ecology & Smart Recycling — “How-to guide”

Ecology & Smart Recycling Topics of Ecology and Recycling are always timely, but nowadays it gets more and more attention from the ordinary people and of course from the media, as well. Just imagine, how many kilos of garbage we throw away every day? Plastic bottles, carton packets, plastic bags, food leftovers, read papers, used batteries, you don't need to go too far - just look into your garbage bin. In ...

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Voting for the best projects of the All-Russian competition for the development of ecotourism is in full swing

Everything about ecotourism and the development of natural areas: an open program of the Accelerator of the All-Russian competition

открытая программа Акселератора Всероссийского конкурса In August, as part of the Acceleration program of the All-Russian competition for the creation of tourist and recreational clusters and the development of ecotourism in Russia, an open online lecture program was launched. These are 8 educational practice-oriented events - everyone who is not indifferent to the topic of ecotourism and conservation of natural areas can become participants. Open talk is held weekly on Wednesdays, from 12.00 ...

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What is the best use of trees to help us meet our emission targets?

What is the best use of trees to help us meet our emission targets? // Как лучше всего использовать деревья, чтобы помочь нам достичь минимальных показателей выбросов CO2?   [00:00] So what is the best use of trees to help us meet our emission targets? Well, let's go back to the tree top Trumps of election time. To lock up carbon you want a tree for the large trunk and dense wood. A ...

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Forest regeneration camp on Lake Baikal (24-28 Sep 2020)

Forest regeneration camp on Lake Baikal (24-28 Sep 2020) ALL-RUSSIAN VOLUNTEER REFORESTATION CAMP The history of the forest restoration camp began in Baikal region with the initiative of people who are not indifferent to help reforestation after the devastating fires in 2015. Then burned > 1.5 million hectares, which is half the area of Belgium. In autumn 2015, the first planting took place on the island of Olkhon, where there were huge burned areas. Camp volunteers decided to engage ...

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