Trendy English 8

The Trendy English Conference is one of the most important ELT events in Russia with a long history and recognized authority. Each year, Trendy English becomes the largest venue for a meeting of English teachers and leaders of language centers, the exchange of best practices on a wide range of topics, presentations of relevant innovations and trends, as well as practical experience in teaching English.

30 ноября -1 декабря, несколько потоков:

– поток “Teacher’s” для учителей 30 ноября + мастер-классы

– поток “Бизнес”,

– “Фриланс”

– BESIG (Business English Special Interest Group) – выступления международных и российских экспертов по методике преподавания делового английского (Teaching Business English). Эта секция может быть интересна преподавателям, которые преподают деловой английский в группах, индивидуально, корпоративным клиентам, а также занимаются подготовкой к экзаменам по Business English. Модератором данной секции в этом году будет Ron Morrain

    Co-founder and Director of Studies at the Language Learning Centers Europe (Duisburg, Germany) is a regular speaker at conferences, has conducted workshops, talks, and webinars internationally promoting the idea of Task-based Learning, Project-based Learning, and Mind Mapping in Second Language Learning and Teaching. He has been active in HRM and HRD as a manager and consultant for over 30 years internationally.

Business English Mindmapping

Check the whole programme here

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