To Grow or not to Grow

To Grow or not to Grow

How Cambridge Qualifications can help you, your students and your business develop efficiently.
For English Teachers! Participation is free!

Date 24.11.2019
Time 12am-3pm
St.Petersburg, Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy (РХГА) – Fontanka emb.,15

Language English



registration is needed through the LT.Pro centre:

Cambridge exams with LT-Pro Platinum centre: Best practices and traditions in examinations services and teaching qualifications.

Ksenia (TKT 4 modules, BEC Higher, CPE, CELTA certificates). Ksenia is a Centre Exams Manager at LT-Pro International Examination Centre. She has over 20 years’ experience of ELT in various teaching contexts, and is a Senior Teacher at St.Petersburg State University, the Unified State Exam expert and an EFL examiner and assessor.

12-20 Artem Morozov (Young Learners session)

Teaching Writing like a pro.

In this session you will discover a lot of simple and yet powerful activities, which do not require a lot of preparation, but still help Young Learnes to write coherent texts and short compositions. We will also look at assessment criteria and find out the best ways to prepare your students for the written part of YLE.

Artem is a CELTA qualified teacher. He spent several years working as a Senior Regional Manager and Head of Teaching Department at “Oxford” in St Petersburg. In 2016 he received the Director of the Year Award. He is proud to be a Stanford University Program Alumnus and a speaker at numerous ELT conferences in Russia and abroad. His blog:

Tom is a Director of Studies at English Connection in Saint-Petersburg, an ESL Consultant for Macmillan and a co- founder of the project Resource Education. He focuses on developing strategies and materials that make planning more efficient and teaching more effective.

13-00 Tom Wiseman, English Connection (Professional Development session)

Doing Something for Yourself

It’s all too easy for teachers to work hard for others and forget about themselves. After too much of that, we tend to forget why we love teaching English in the first place. How can we balance a busy work schedule and still make time for our personal development? In this talk, we’ll cover ways to effectively plan for yourself in addition to all that you do for students so that, in the end, you can do more for everyone involved.

14-00 Break

14-10 Olga Knyazeva, OK Studio (Business section)

Money-making through international exams

In this session we will look at how international language certification helps to motivate students to learn English; boost their loyalty to the school and you, as a teacher; build long-term relationships with clients and raise profits.

Andrey Knyazev and Olga Knyazeva

are owners of the chain of “OK” English language schools . They have been running the English language school as business since 2006 and have risen from tutoring in the kitchen to the chain of schools established in tree cities of Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk and Saint Petersburg. As of today, the chain comprises 20 schools with over 2000 students and around 40 teachers.

Nadezhda is a TKT qualified teacher. She has been teaching English for 16 years and running her own training center “NB School” for 14 years. Since the beginning up until today the focus of her training center has been to prepare her students for Cambridge exams. She has received official Cambridge accreditation 9 times (from 2011 to 2019). Nadezhda prepares her students for all types of exams: from YLE to CAE, depending on their age and level. 1000 candidates from her school have successfully passed different international exams.

14-30 Nadezhda Onischenko, NB School (Business section)

Family business and family growth

This speaker is going to share how she came to an understanding that Cambridge examinations are beneficial for the educational process of her students. How she managed to persuade her students and their parents in the necessity to pass these exams. You will have an opportunity to witness real interviews of her students, who will share how Cambridge examinations influenced their lives.

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