“Village for Business – Business for the village” // “Село для Бизнеса – Бизнес для села”

"> "Село для Бизнеса – Бизнес для села" -  форум, который прошел в пятницу, 29 апреля, в Воронежской области, с. Отрадное (Новоусманский район). * "Village for Business – Business for the Village" is a forum that took place on Friday, April 29, in the Voronezh region, Otradnoye village (Novousmansky district). (English below) Цель форума – дать новый импульс развития бизнеса в селе. В деловой программе мероприятия – меры государственной поддержки предпринимателей региона, развитие и модернизация ...

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Special EN-RU Interview with the top YouTube blogger, Justinochek

Justin Hammond is a Canadian YouTube blogger with over 2 mln subscribers who came to Russia, fell in love with the country, and now teaches English through Russian on his popular channel This is a special interview – the first half of the interview was in English, the second half was in Russian with similar questions // Это необычное интервью – первая половина интервью была на английском языке, вторая половина – ...

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Эко-центр «Собиратор»: интервью с основателем // Eco-centre ‘‘Sobirator’’: an interview with the founder

The opening of the eco-centre ‘‘Sobirator’’ in Voronezh and the interview with the founder // Открытие эко-центра «Собиратор» в Воронеже и интервью с основателем Recently, in Voronezh, there was was the opening of the eco-center ‘‘Sobirator’’, where you can drop off your unwanted items for recycling. Members of the @Sobirator team are experts in the separate collection of household waste, its recycling, and adherence to the principles of eco-lifestyle. That’s why ...

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Trees cut down, Voronezh // Вырубка деревьев, Воронеж, 8.10.2021

В Воронеже активисты сообщили о вырубке отданных на сохранение деревьев

В Воронеже активисты сообщили о вырубке отданных на сохранение деревьев в яблоневом саду // In Voronezh, activists reported on the felling of trees given for preservation in an apple orchard Voronezh, 8-11 October 2021 // Воронеж,  8-11 октября 2021 В Воронеже активисты сообщили о вырубке отданных на сохранение деревьев в яблоневом садуЧитайте также: Вести Воронеж (11 октября в 23:13)Some trees were possible to preserve //  Некоторые деревья можно было спастиВырубку деревьев в ...

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Marat Safin with kids

Marat Safin: Parents have to recognize what gift their child has

Marat Safin, according to public opinion, is considered the best Russian tennis player in modern history. By the way, Marat and his sister Dinara are the only siblings who became the #1 tennis players in the world (he became the first in the ranking on 20 November 2000, and Dinara — on 20 April 2009). We would like to share Marat’s thoughts on whether or not parents bring up their athletes correctlyМарат Сафин, согласно ...

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Nikita Prokhorov 2021

An interview with Nikita Prokhorov – Sidorin Lab (co-founder) and Reputation Lab (founder)

Nikita Prokhorov shared what trends will be in 2021 – in business, in tourism, and many other fields. Watch the interview with English subtitles Nikita Prokhorov Business Trainer, CEO of Reputation Lab, Deputy General Director of Sidorin Lab company, Internet Marketing and Internet Reputation Consultant Никита Прохоров Бизнес–тренер, руководитель Reputation Lab, заместитель ген. директора Sidorin Lab, консультант в области интернет–маркетинга и репутации в интернете Watch the interview with English subtitles (switch the language in Settings) Now, there is ...

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Gil Pitersil - interview

Interview with Gil Petersil

Maybe, some of you can ask, who is Gil Petersil? He is co-owner of 6 successful businesses (MeetPartners, Global Club, MeetSpeakers, Go Global Mastermind, ChallengeMe, Visa Global), professor at SKOLKOVO and Synergy University, co-founder of more than 20 companies in Russia and abroad, business and life coach mentor of 1000+ startups in various fields, exclusive Russian representative of Tony Robbins, №1 partner to international educational company Success Resources, author of ...

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