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Открой свою Россию // Discover your Russia – меньше 7 дней чтобы принять участие

"Discover your Russia" // «Открой свою Россию» 20.07.2021До окончания приема заявок на конкурс осталось меньше 7 дней!Less than 7 days left until the deadline for accepting applications for the competition!All-Russian project for the planing of conceptual tourist routes in the regions of the Russian Federation "Discover your Russia"Всероссийский проект по проектированию концептуальных туристических маршрутов «Открой свою Россию»The project "Discover your Russia" has started! “With the help of such competitions initiated by ASI, we get an ...

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Блог путешественника про Башкирию и Бурятию

John Dougan: [1] This Republic of Bashkiria – cute little place that we coming on. So, glad that you, guys, can be here to join me. See this fascinating little tiny village just around the hills. Literally we are in the middle of nowhere, we are about 100 kilometers north of border Kazakhstan and I mean really nothing else around. It’s gonna be a long road, long time.Эта Республика Башкирия – ...

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Nizhny Novgorod

Text: James Black Photo: Evgeny Arsentiev Visit Nizhny // There was a time when people called Nizhny Novgorod the third capital of Russia. After Saint Petersburg being the cultural capital and Moscow being the political capital, Nizhny, as we locals call it, was the wallet. The reason behind this was the trade fair, it was even international back in Tsar times, and numerous wealthy merchants that left their mark on Nizhny.Было ...

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