«Время измениться» Trendy English 9

Trendy English 9 — Конференция № 1 о преподавании английского языка и управлении языковыми центрам 
– читайте обзор первого дня уже совсем скоро!


Только что завершилась крупнейшая международная конференция ELT 2020 года. Но это не значит, что если вы пропустили конференцию, вы не можете найти полезные советы и тактику. Более того, у вас есть прекрасная возможность снова полностью погрузиться в конференцию!

Подробнее о втором дне Business Day Trendy English 9 читайте здесь — https://englishmagazine.ru/business-day-on-trendy-english-9/

John Hughes, the author of many well-known student books (Life, World Link (4th Edition release: December 2020), World English (National Geographic Learning), Success with Business (Oxford), Total Business to name a few) presented :
Making your online language teaching Positive, Practical, and Personal

In his session, he explored these issues and he emphasized the need to design courses and lessons which make the students’ early experiences of online learning more positive and therefore more motivating. He also suggested some practical ways to fully exploit (but not to overload) the online tools available to us for greater engagement. And finally, he showed some online interactive activities which focus on the personalization of the course material.

John is a constant blogger and writes for teachers

Moreover, John Hughes is an award-winning ELT coursebook author and teacher trainer. With over 50 titles, his main course series are Life, World English (National Geographic Learning) and Business Result (Oxford University Press). He’s also written methodology titles and is the series editor of the ETpedia teacher resource series (Pavilion ELT). He trains teachers from all over the world and leads courses in materials writing and critical thinking at Oxford University.

If you are a teacher, you must check his website  www.johnhugheselt.com.

The next speaker, Jason R. Levine (Fluency MC), also did not need any introduction as every teacher knows him with his Irregular Verbs Rap song, which had an unbelievable success with over 2 million views on the web :)


You may ask questions: Why is it a good way to learn English with rap? How can you I rhyme songs by myself? What lyrics website can I use? Answers to all these questions you will find in Jason’s presentation!

Вам обязательно нужно проверить его веб-сайт fluencymc.com

You definitely need to check fluencymc.com website

Следите за нами в Instagram, чтобы узнать больше -> instagram.com/englishmag.ru

TRENDY ENGLISH 9 Время не ждёт! Образование уже не будет прежним. Время нестандартных решений, быстрых реакций, смелых идей наступило.


Новые форматы выходят на сцену, и сейчас, как никогда, важно быть открытыми всему новому, впитывать новые знания, общаться с теми, кто на одной волне, присваивать опыт тех, кто уже делает, создает меняет.


Время перемен (time to change) – главная тема конференции Trendy 9 и основной тренд 2020-2021 года.

Ключевая цель конференции – обмен реальным опытом преподавания английского языка и управления языковым центром. Онлайн нетворкинг с другими участниками и спикерами — еще удобнее, чем в оффлайне!Фишки конференцииУчительский деньЧетыре одновременных потока (обучение детей, подростков, взрослых, игры) в формате игрыБизнес деньПрограмма для руководителей в 3 потока (начинающие, опытные, продвинутые) + поток для фрилансеровОхват всех регионов РоссииСтарт конференции в 5.00 по Мск, окончание в 17.00Большое разнообразие форматовДоклады, воркшопы, открытые уроки, creativity fair, failure talksКомнаты выставки от партнеровНетворкингНетворкинг в ELT cafe и неформальная встреча Trendy English Night
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Другие Спикеры / Other Speakers


Anka Zapart — Time to…start keeping a journal?


Anka Zapart is a teacher, a teacher trainer and an ADOS at BKC IH Moscow. She has been teaching for over 15 years. Her professional interests are all related to teaching early years, primary and pre-primary students and involve practical solutions for the classroom in the area of storytelling, literacy, songs and craft as well as the research in the second language acquisition in preschoolers and assessment for VYL and YL.

Anne Robinson


Time to get teens interacting — digitallyAnne Robinson is a seminar presenter and seminar team trainer for Cambridge Assessment English, and a very active teacher trainer. She is an author for Cambridge University Press, namely of Fun Skills, Fun for Starters, Movers and Flyers and the Exam Booster for Advanced. Since March 2020, Anne has been supporting teachers with numerous webinars and articles and in writing content for digital resources, including the A2 Exam Lift and Kahoots for young learners. Anne also aims to support teachers by sharing tips and resources on her webpage www.teachingtogether.info.


Margarita Kosior —

Margarita Kosior is an educator, teacher trainer, conference presenter, materials writer, but also a storyteller and a children’s author. She has written «Toby to the rescue», a picture book in the Tales of Strays series, and started a campaign with the same name aiming to raise awareness of the issue of stray animals through storytelling and English language teaching.

David Valente — Time to develop children’s autonomy as language learners: from picturebooks to home books


David Valente is the Coordinator of the IATEFL Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group. He works as a PhD Research Fellow in English Language and Literature Subject Pedagogy at Nord University, Norway, where he teaches on the 5-year Masters degree in Primary Education. David has over 20 years’ experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher educator, academic manager, author and editor and his specialist interests include children’s literature in ELT, English teacher education and intercultural learning. David is also one of the authors of the new Cambridge FUN Skills series.

Ellen Setterfield — Time to Motivate: Engaging Young Learners both On and Offline

Ellen Setterfield is the Young Learner Product Marketing Executive for National Geographic Learning. With over 15 years’ experience of working with children and teenagers, and teaching experience in Russia, the Czech Republic and the UK, she is passionate about helping Young Learners use English to understand the world around them.

Alena Gorovaya — Time to teach students to succeed!

Director of Studies at London Express Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarskiy krai); Qualified and certified CELTA and teacher with 12 years experience; Part-time teacher at Krasnoyarsk Regional in-service teacher training institute; Russian State Exam Expert; CAE, TKT, DELTA M1.

James Egerton — Time to…Trigger the Teen SpiritJames is a Delta-qualified teacher trainer and teacher currently working at International House Rome Accademia Britannica. Alongside extensive experience with online teacher training, he is a CELTA Trainer (both physical and online courses) and IHCYLT course tutor, and he blogs on ELT at www.jamesegerton.wordpress.com. He counts online teacher training/teaching and educational psychology among his most-valued specialities.

Full Schedule:

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Paul Newson — Well, I have to say that I really enjoyed with the awesome team of Trendy English.
So many visitors and interesting seminar sessions to tantalixe one’s taste buds. I wish I could have spent more time there but alas I arrived a bit late and had to leave early to do bloody work(((

Татьяна Локтионова — Спасибо за качественный продукт! Было впечатление,что вы всегда делали весело , легко и играючи. У вас отличная команда. Рада знакомству. Way to go!

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