Интервью с Гилом Питерсилом

Interview with number one expert in Networking, best-selling author of "New Code of Networking" - Gil Petersil

Maybe, some of you can ask, who is Gil Petersil? He is co-owner of 6 successful businesses (MeetPartners, Global Club, MeetSpeakers, Go Global Mastermind, ChallengeMe, Visa Global), professor at SKOLKOVO and Synergy University, co-founder of more than 20 companies in Russia and abroad, business and life coach mentor of 1000+ startups in various fields, exclusive Russian representative of Tony Robbins, №1 partner to international educational company Success Resources, author of bestseller «New code of networking”.
The media referred to Gil as the №1 international networking expert.

Interviewed by Vlad Tishchenko

In order to build strong relationship with people, become better in asking questions, don’t talk too much about yourself, but learn how to ask better and better open-ended questions

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Gil, can you name the main highlights of your book (New code of networking) for the people who haven’t read it yet?

-So looking at your audience, people who want to travel, want to explore the world. They’re an audience that wants to speak another language. This is really important, because you know, in order to grow yourself, in order to develop your abilities, in order to have more opportunities and new experiences in life, you need to travel, you need to see other places in the world. And if you want to do that in the fun way, it’s great to be able to speak another language. My book plays a part of all of that, because when you travel, you need to be able to talk to people. When you go to another country, you need to be able to build a new network with people, because maybe you want a business relationship there, maybe you want to just live there for a month, maybe you want to find some local mentors, maybe you want to study in that country. So, my book basically helps you understand how you could build better relationships in life, how you can surround yourself with more powerful people, how you can become more interesting for your surroundings. It gives you step-by-step guidelines and life-hacks and stories from my stories other famous people, my friends, people like Oscar Hartman, Radislav Gandapas, Elizaveta Babanova, even Gregory Avetov, you know, it’s just interesting stories from them.

So, the book is a simple life hack, book that every student in school should have and every single one of your readers should have.

 And can you just name three main tips of your book?

— It’s not about my book, I can name three main tips in general.
3 main tips for building better relationships with people:
1. When your network look to serve people, don’t look to transact with people.
2. In order to build strong relationship with people, become better in asking questions, don’t talk too much about yourself, but learn how to ask better and better open-ended questions (e.g. What is your favorite memory from childhood? How could I present myself better? What helps you to be strong and motivated?) , try to understand their goals, their priorities, what’s important for them, that will get the relationship going faster.
3. If you need to build better relationship with someone, you need to connect with them on multiple occasions… 1-3 times is not enough, 5-6-7-8 times is what you need to aim for. If you want to meet someone 5-8 times, you need to take the responsibility to do it yourself! Don’t wait for them to follow-up with you.

And talking about networking, for example, what should be the next step for the magazine in networking sphere?

— The magazine should build strategic partnerships with different organizations, so for example, right now you have things in Canada about it, but did you actually speak to the Canadian embassy about it…. If you spoke to the Canadian Embassy, maybe you can get them to partner up with you. Did you go and suggest to some of the international schools, the American school, the European school to give this magazine to the kids and the parents… and I would focus on local, focus on what’s around you right now — you have a lot of opportunities around you right now, so focus on strategic partnerships — the big part of networking. You know what kind of people can you interview in here regularly, so, what organizations can give you speakers all the time… Schools, for example, some international organizations can give you interesting english-speaking people all the time. Do you have a database here of all the English conversation clubs? Do you have a database of all the international business clubs? You don’t. Do you have a list of the best restaurants in Moscow, who have English menus? Where can I go to the cinema in English?

Yeah, really interesting. And what do you think about Synergy Global Forum (2018), this forum is different from last year… what do you think about it?  What way is it different from last years?

— It’s a lot more mixed of speakers, it’s less focused, less people, more celebrities, less mission.

What do you think, will they improve the next Synergy forum?

— I really hope they improve, because they need to… if they don’t improve and they don’t focus, it’s not gonna be easy.

What should be focused next?

-I don’t know Synergy is not my business. But they should focus on a mission, so that all the speakers talk about one thing and if you’re watching this from Synergy, guys, I love you very very much, you need to focus, you need to have one mission, one theme for this event and then you’ll attract twenty plus thousand.

-And we are talking about some international relations that are going quite for a long time between Russia and USA, so especially now Trump, a lot of politics. I just asked Malcolm Gladwell about this question. What do you think mass media can do? and he said that politics, in some way, they rule — so the media tells the audience what politics tell them to do… Do you agree with it? It’s possible to have an independent media in the USA? What do you think?

-I’m not in the media and I’m not in politics, I can’t really tell you how it’s gonna happen. I think the media plays a very big role and how people think and feel about their lives, so I hope… that the either people will
become more awake and they will stop listening to the mass media or the mass media one day will  change maybe.
Maybe they will change and decide they need to do good for the world.

What do you think about….advice? give to the audience, to your audience?

— My audience or your audience? I can see my audience get my advice all the time, my friend. Your audience, yeah, so we didn’t say it so I would say to your audience, why are you not suggesting which movie they should watch this week? where? I don’t see, suggest, suggest five movies of the month. One movie hold on, hold on, this is one movie, yes, but this thing comes out to be three months you know why don’t you suggest 10 movies come on

We have more…

-Oh you have. I like that very very good guys. Check out this magazine, so you need to suggest the movies. I think you should suggest to them this audio, very good. I found… lalala.. no, I can’t sing, sorry how can speak another singer.. Okay, you got some good music here, man, very good music. So I would say to the audience that need to practice English. Find some foreign friends, connect with some people, who want to practice English. Start an English conversation club, good movies in English, connect with you man. Read this magazine every day!

P.S. We have so much more to ask Gil… but what would you ask Gil as a networking expert? Ask your questions,  under the video https://vk.com/english_mag?z=video-139902156_456239347

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