Tips for preparing learners for Russian State Exam and free promo codes for Macmillan platform

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As all of you probably know Russian State exam  is a rigorous and thorough test which covers all four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. It tests learners abilities to use these skills. 

One strategy might be to identify the type of skills you face the most problems with and try to devote the best of your time to master them. Macmillan education  provides  you with free  access to online test in exam format. Your test  is  automatically marked so you can easily see the field for improvement.
Use only reliable sources and coursebooks for preparation. Macmillan Exam Skills for Russia series has  proved to be one for more than 13 years of best practices

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Here are some tips for you to get better results in the Listening part of the exam.
Before you listen, you will have a pause, read through all the statements.
Look for the most important key words in each sentence, and underline them.
As you listen, remember to listen for information connected to the ideas  in the statements rather than specific words and phrases
Do not worry if you are not sure of the answer the first time.You will hear the recording twice.

Reading Tips:
Remember that you don’t have to know all the words to cope with the Reading part.  Make a guess. If you are not  sure of an answer, go on to the next one. When you get to the end , go back and think about any you have skipped.

While tackling the Use of English tasks remember to read through quickly from start to finish to a general understanding of what it is about. Ignore the gaps , and any unknown words, at this stage. Then look at the first gap, and the key word in capitals. Carefully read the words before and after the gap. To check that you have not made any mistakes, read the whole text again. Mind any spelling mistakes.

In the Writing part of the exam, it is essential to read the question carefully. Make sure you understand the information, and what you have to do. Spend five or ten minutes making notes. Do not write full sentences in the draft. Make sure you keep to the word limit. When you have finished writing, check your spelling, punctuation and grammar very carefully.

Use  Macmillan online speaking simulator while preparing for the Speaking part of the exam. It enables you to get accustomed to the computer test types. You can record yourselves, listen back and send the audio file to your teacher for marking. Access code to 20 variants of speaking tests is in the back cover of the Macmillan Exam skills: Practice test.

I wish you all the luck at the exam.

Macmillan Teacher Trainer
Natalia Galanina

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