Eco House by Dave from Canada

– Hello Dave! Could you tell me about your interest in building tiny houses and how the idea was born?

(Audio 1) – It’s kind of a trend in North America building small houses… I love building things with wood. Also, I have been into minimalism like a lot of people these days. My inspiration4 is to create a small, lightweight5 (but strong) very inexpensive home that can be easily disassembled6 and moved. The design can be used for a variety of things like storage, a workshop or a sauna; whatever really.

The idea came about when I moved from Canada. I quickly realized that I am a very fussy7 person. I don’t like living in places with funny smells, so I made a small camper for the back of my tiny truck to live in (photo of the camper). Shortly thereafter8, my wife and I went to live in the forest. The truck was only used for sleeping in, so we had to create a covered area under which to cook and live.

The harsh winter forced us9 to build a stronger and more insulated10 construction structure. We loved living in the forest so much that we no longer wanted to go back to the city. This realization eventually gave birth to the idea of building a tiny11 movable home. I am not the kind of person who normally makes plans, so I just started building. The result of my pursuit12 was the 12 sq.m place we live in today. It has a kitchen, a shower, a toilet, a wood oven, running hot water and a foldable13 bed (photo of the house).

We feel very comfortable here, but the house is not movable and we decided to build another [portable] one. In the planning we realized that it did not have to be so big, and we asked ourselves: “What is the smallest size of a house would we still be comfortable in?” This is where I started thinking about and planning micro houses (6 sq.m hexagonal14 modules). The space could be extended15 in size by linking modules together. These buildings will be appealing to the people who like to live in nature or enjoy alternative lifestyles. This house can be maintained off-grid16 or connected to existing utilities17. There didn’t seem to be anyone doing what we have done, so we set out to be the first people creating “do-it-yourself ” disassemblable, modulate18, micro houses.

– Do you want to show people how to build such houses?

Documentation is very important

(Audio 2) – I am currently in the process of making detailed but simple construction plans and posting them on YouTube. Our first 6 sq.m micro house is almost19 finished. Why this size? Because we realized this was the minimum amount of space that could be comfortable for two people. It will allow them to cook, keep warm and sleep comfortably. We found that the hexagonal shape and having lots of windows make the space very enjoyable. The roof is the hardest part to build in a house. I was inspired by the shape of an egg – so actually the structure of this roof is really strong.

Standing on the buckets

I am trying to make the house construction as easy and as cheap as possible. It can be built with a kitchen, a bed that converts to a couch and a small toilet for just under 1000$. The design will allow to easily attach several modules for more living area. The next step is to provide plans on adding another module. In the second module, there will be an additional couch bed, a closet for storage and a shower. After that, I will publish plans for building an inexpensive, very compact, and highly efficient rocket stove20 to heat the space with. However, you will have to ask a welder21 to build it for you.

– The world seems to be changing at a great pace today. What is a larger picture where your project fits into?

(Audio 3) – As human beings, we are traumatized22 today by living in crowded places, by following society programming of getting higher education and finding a well-paid job. The mainstream media bombards us daily with negative news. The social media like Instagram or YouTube are hardly reliable sources of practical or useful information. It is extremely difficult to discern between completely honest and less reliable23 sources. I have great respect for the people who are sharing their ideas with honesty and integrity24. I would like to follow in their footsteps25 in providing information. Not just thinking: “How can I make money from this?”

the instruments you need

Our idea is to start providing trustworthy26 information because we want to treat others like we treat ourselves – with care and respect. We try to understand our common needs as human beings and cater for them. We have multiple27 interests that we will gladly share with our audience, because these are universal quests for people of different walks of life and generations. These insights are won through years of reading good books, listening to other people and observing nature and life. After all we belong to a senior generation! Among the topics that we like to cover on our channels are about:

how to provide a beautiful and convenient space for living;

how to find your place in society by following your natural gifts and inclinations28;

which nutritional regiments29 and health-promoting products are beneficial for whom;

our opinion about the true nature of reality and how to go through life with enthusiasm and joy;

how to start knowing and loving ourselves because this is the true foundation of a fulfilled30 life.

This path can start for anyone with a very small step – by learning how to live a more simple life in a tiny house!

– If someone wants to get a hold of you, how can they do that?

(Audio 4) – We have just started a YouTube

and an Instagram @the_bubble1.0 channels. There are so many new ways of sharing information these days. It would also be interesting to create a forum for people to discuss micro house construction and to connect with like-minded31 soulmates.

Interviewed by Karina Darbinyan

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1. camper [‘kæmpə] дом-автоприцеп
2. currently [‘kʌr(ə) ntlɪ] теперь, в на­стоящее время
3. unique tips – уникальные советы
4. inspiration [ˌɪnsp(ə)’reɪʃ(ə)n] вдохновение
5. lightweight [‘laɪtweɪt] лёгкий
6. disassembled [ˌdɪsə’sembl] разборный
7. fussy [‘fʌsɪ] привередливый
8. thereafter [ˌðeə’rɑːftə] после этого
9. forced us – заставил нас
10. insulated [‘ɪnsjəleɪtɪd] изолированный
11. tiny [‘taɪnɪ] крошечный
12. pursuit [pə’sjuːt] стремление
13. foldable [ˈfəʊldəbl] складной
14. hexagonal [hek’sæg(ə)n(ə)l] шестиугольный
15. extended [ɪk’stendɪd] расширенный
16. off-grid – автономный
17. utilities [juːˈtɪlɪtɪz] удобства (электричество, ото­пление)
18. modulate [‘mɔdjəleɪt] регулировать
19. almost [‘ɔːlməust] почти
20. rocket stove – суперэффективная печь
21. welder [‘weldə] сварщик
22. traumatize [‘trɔːmətaɪz] травмировать
23. reliable [rɪ’laɪəbl] надёжный
24. integrity [ɪn’tegrətɪ] целостность
25. footsteps [‘futsteps] стопы
26. trustworthy [‘trʌstˌwɜːðɪ] надёжный
27. multiple [‘mʌltɪpl] множество
28. inclinations [ˌɪnklɪ’neɪʃ(ə)ns] склонности
29. regiments [‘reʤɪmənts] подразделения
30. fulfilled [fʊlˈfɪld] полноценный
31. like-minded [ˌlaɪk’maɪndɪd] здесь: одинаково на­строенный

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