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Georgia is famous for its ancient cultural heritage and traditions of hospitality. Everyone is ready to help and will be happy to show you around. Many people know Russian, but the younger generation speaks English much better. Speaking of Southern Russia, Georgia is the nearest country where you can practice English. Tbilisi is a picturesque city where you can see many buildings, both old and new. Married couple Nickolay and Alla ( were glad to show me around and make an informative ...

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Patagonia travel

Patagonia Travel Blog

Latin America is two words that make the heart of true dreamers and travelers. There is probably no region more conducive to the formation of stereotypes and misconceptions than Latin America. All that we have seen in Brazilian TV series, Mexican films, TV shows is only a small fraction of what you could see and feel in the countries of the New World. By Margarita Fayzulina and Julia Schlei Photo: Nils Manuel Mora (, Galina Andrushko The country of our journey was ...

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