Ecology in action. What Events make difference

On Sunday, August 9, 2020, the one and the only eco-educational space in Voronezh "Green House" was opened // В минувшее воскресенье, 9 августа, состоялось открытие единственного эко просветительского пространства в Воронеже Экоцентр "Зелёный дом"It was founded by well-known eco activists in the city: coordinator of the project "Ecodvor" and ecotaxi Katerina Khomich, manager of eco-volunteering in Voronezh Arina Novichikhina and organizer of the festival of healthy lifestyle and vegetarian shop ...

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To go underwater or die from the heat: UN Climate Change Report

Whether we go underwater or die from the heat, a coral reef or fish disappear, the report “Global Warming 1.5º C”, which was released at the end of 2018 by a group of experts on climate change at the UN, caused a flurry of discussions. Уйдём ли мы под воду или умрём от жары, исчезнет коралловый риф или рыба, — доклад «Глобальное потепление 1,5º C», который в конце 2018 года выпустила группа ...

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GR-pitching 2020

GR-pitching for the winners of competition

Almost a quarter of potential investors are ready to invest more than 100 million rubles in the concept of the Tourist and Recreational Clusters (TRC) Почти четверть потенциальных инвесторов готовы вложить в концепцию ТРК более 100 млн рублей Investment pitching of the Accelerator of the All-Russian competition for the creation of tourist and recreational clusters and the development of ecotourism in RussiaИнвест-питчинг Акселератора Всероссийского конкурса на создание туристско-рекреационных кластеров и развитие экотуризма ...

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Green Infrastructure and Tree Cities of the World

Jago Keen, UK: "Voronezh deserves to be recognised as a Tree City of the World. I encourage, and will support, their application." Яго Кин, Великобритания: "Воронеж заслуживает того, чтобы его признали городом деревьев мира. Я поощряю и буду поддерживать их заявку." "Green Infrastracture" Conference, Voronezh 2019 Even in towns and cities, people have a deep connection with nature. Denial of that connection leads to diminished physiological and psychological wellbeing. Society functions best when it is embedded in ...

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Interview with Heather Sage

Heather Sage is responsible for working collaboratively with community partners on new and ongoing projects within the parks, providing project management and serving as a liaison between Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and project stakeholders. Sage manages government affairs, foundation relations, and community engagement opportunities, focus- ing on expanding ways that park volunteers, patrons and supporters can further grow the Parks Conservancy mission and continue to enjoy the multitude of healthy, economic, ...

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“Clean Environment” saves the planet

For several years now, Krasnodar is home to an association of caring people fighting for the preservation of the environment from the overwhelming and ruthless waste that has become a real disaster not only for our planet, but for the humanity as a whole. This association has a very peculiar name – "Clean Environment". Уже несколько лет в Краснодаре функционирует объединение неравнодушных людей, которые борются за сохранение окружающей среды от всепоглощающего ...

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Voronezh 2018 City Garden expo

“Garden-City” Expo 2018 Voronezh

The first Voronezh International Festival of gardens and flowers "Garden-city" (international exhibition – fair "Voronezh – Garden-city") took place in 2011 as a part of the celebration of the Voronezh 425th anniversary. In 2011, Lenin Square has been chosen as the location for the event. Already on the 3rd year of festival holding it has been decided to relocate the event to Sovetskaya square, as the Lenin Square could not ...

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Sustainable Toronto

To Make Cities Sustainable, We Need to Rethink Almost Everything. For years, we’ve been told to lower the thermostat and drive less. It hasn’t worked. Joe Castaldo (University of Toronto magazine) shared with us interesting ideas on how we can make our cities more sustainable.Read the full article and find out more on how to save the environment in "University of Toronto magazine"

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“Green Urban Infrastructure: Current State and Development Perspectives” international conference

The 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference «Green Urban Infrastructure: Current State and Development Perspectives» was held in Voronezh in autumn 2019. The main purpose of the conference is to develop a wide discussion, organize the exchange of information and experience on green infrastructure as a pledge of favorable living conditions in cities and towns, discuss the latest trends in the landscape industry. 3-я международная научно-практическая конференция «Зелёная инфраструктура городской среды: ...

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