Favourite songs about the main things

“Favourite Songs about the Main Things” // “Любимые песни о главном”

8/05/2024 “Любимые песни о главном” – 5 мая в Ледовом дворце Санкт-Петербурга прошел гала-концерт Ильи Авербуха совместно с Государственным Ледовым театром Санкт-Петербурга // “Favourite Songs about the Main Things” – on May 5th, Ilya Averbukh's gala concert in collaboration with the St. Petersburg State Ice Theater was held at the St. Petersburg Ice Palace. RU: Любимые песни 20 века от Великой победы до начала 90-х и виртуозное фигурное катание под живое вокальное ...

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Кольский полуостр. от группы Харвест

Autumn and Winter songs in Russian and English

The song "North" by music band Harvest and other catchy songs (including Wake Owl) // Песня "Север" музыкальной группы Harvest и другие запоминающиеся песни (включая Wake Owl) Autumn and winter is always a great time to enjoy harvested apples, or make apple pie or bake apples by following delicious recipes. So, Autumn is the time of harvest, isn't it? Also, Autumn and Winter is a great time to drink hot tea by ...

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Auld Lang Syne photo

Auld Lang Syne

New Year's Song for the sake of old days  Every year, the streets ring with the same lilting song. Sweet, nostalgic, hopeful; “Auld Lang Syne” has become an absolute tradition in New Year’s celebrations.  The lyrics “Auld Lang Syne” by Rod Stewart (listen and read)  Should auld acquaintance be forgot  And never brought to mind?  Should auld acquaintance be forgot  And the days of auld lang syne?  For auld lang syne, my dear  For auld lang syne We'll drink ...

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Jazz Province 2018 + interviews with Stooges Brass Band & Steve Kershaw

Jazz Province is an international festival of contemporary Jazz and improvisational music. It is usually held in Autumn, probably to make the viewers' autumn mood even brighter. This annual festival has been organized since 1996 by jazz pianist Leonid Vintskevich. Such a musical event inspired jazz life in many provincial cities, that is why it is called “Jazz Province”. Over the years, the festival route ran through various cities of ...

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