«Ледниковый период» пройдет по стране

В 2022 году Илья Авербух подарит уникальную возможность жителям России увидеть свои любимые номера и спортсменов ледового шоу «Ледниковый период» в своём родном городе, а также получить незабываемые эмоции. Звезды фигурного катания проедут по стране, чтобы показать лучшее из популярного телешоу, которое шло на 1 канале долгое время. * In 2022 Ilya Averbukh will present a unique opportunity to the residents of Russia to see their favourite performances and athletes of ...

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Экология и умная переработка отходов — “Практическое руководство”

Ecology & Smart Recycling Topics of Ecology and Recycling are always timely, but nowadays it gets more and more attention from the ordinary people and of course from the media, as well. Just imagine, how many kilos of garbage we throw away every day? Plastic bottles, carton packets, plastic bags, food leftovers, read papers, used batteries, you don't need to go too far - just look into your garbage bin. In ...

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Marat Safin with kids

Интервью с Маратом Сафиным

Marat Safin, according to public opinion, is considered the best Russian tennis player in modern history. By the way, Marat and his sister Dinara are the only siblings who became the #1 tennis players in the world (he became the first in the ranking on 20 November 2000, and Dinara — on 20 April 2009). We would like to share Marat’s thoughts on whether or not parents bring up their athletes correctlyМарат Сафин, согласно ...

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