Vaccine trials

New Russian Vaccine – Lancent research

By Jonny Tickle The world’s first registered Covid-19 vaccine successfully produced antibodies in all 76 participants in early-stage trials, according to a study published in The Lancet, one of the oldest and best-respected medical journals. Добавьте описание The trials of ‘Sputnik V,’ funded by the Russian Ministry of Health, discovered that every single patient who received the vaccine developed antibodies, and none showed any significant side effects. On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced ...

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Interview with rzd runner

Running Marathon – the largest annual sports event in the city: on August 30, 2020

?  The largest annual sports event in the city: on August 30, 2020, the ninth race of @id479256446 ("Voronezh Marathon") project will take place on the Admiralteyskaya Square // Самое масштабное ежегодное спортивное событие города: 30 августа 2020 г на Адмиралтейской площади пройдёт девятый забег в рамках проекта «@club119263258 (Воронежский Марафон)»   From August 2 to September 3, 2020, ‘Lokomotiv’ and ‘Rosprofzhel’ with the support of Russian Railways and ‘Blagosostoyanie’ are organizing a ...

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