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Dally and Spanky – the happiest horse and the happiest dog

Forget give the dog a bone*. This canine’s happiest with his pony sidekick* in tow*.

Dally, a six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier from Washington State, and his pal* Spanky, a seven-year-old miniature horse, were rescued by horse trainer Francesca Carson and have worked together since.

The dynamic duo appear* to be inseparable*, despite* their difference in size.

bone [bəun] кость
sidekick [‘saɪdkɪk] закадычный друг
sidekick in tow – (Phrase) If you have someone in tow, they are following you closely because you are looking after them or you are leading them somewhere. [INFORMAL]
pal [pæl] приятель
appear [ə’pɪə] появляться; казаться
inseparable [ɪn’sep(ə)rəbl] неотделимый
despite [dɪ’spaɪt] несмотря на, вопреки чему-л. (e.g. despite all odds)

At their Hunter’s Washington ranch equine traders [1] Francesca Carson and Steve Rother tend to [2] their horses. Their Jack Russell Terrier Dally has her own personal favourite in the herd [3]. A miniature horse named Spanky.

Francesca:“Dally and Spanky I think a lot like brother and sister.”

Before this unlikely friendship started, Spanky was a very different horse, his previous owner [4] noticed he was aggressive.

Francesca: “He didn’t really like other animals he’s running around biting [5] kicking [6]  very aggressive to other horses.”

Francesca and Steve adopted the combative [7]  horse and started training him. Francesca: “I started to teach him a couple of things he needed to have a purpose.”

Then the couple checked out [8] a litter [9] of Jack Russell puppies [10]. They were drawn to the runt [11] and named her Dally. The puppy watched Francesca trained the feisty [12] horse.

When Dally was 6 months old, she was done being a spectator [13].

Francesca: “She just pumped on his back which really surprised me. Spanky seemed to enjoy the fact that Dally had hopped up [14] onto his bag. Dally setup they’re all proud from then on she just always wanted to be on him.”

…Francesca started training the two together.

Francesca: “She was so excited she was higher up she just enjoyed writing Spanky she felt important and it was her pony.”

Dally wouldn’t leave Spanky side, even when the mini horse performed in front of the crowds.

Steve: “I remember the first time I ever went out for a show Dally was just a year old that dog lit up that night and little Spanky he was excited to have somebody with him out there on stage finally is a good team.”

Four years late Spanky’s bad behaviour is gone thanks to his a likely best friend. Francesca: “Dally has had a calming effect [15]on Spanky. We used to put spank [16] him with some other horses and he’d immediately become aggressive and he no longer does that.”

Steve:“Dogs can have a therapeutic and calming effect on people what’s surprising in this case is that Dally also has a calming effect on the horse it shows how emotionally intelligent dogs can be.”

Dally is right by her buddy side when they Joe off their custom-made [17] feeding bar [18]. During Spanky’s grooming [19] Dally spends time in her favourite spot.

Francesca: “Dally loves to hang out [20] on Spanky especially when I’m grooming him she’s really really cosy [21] up there and he doesn’t seem to mine at all, in fact, I think he quite likes him.”

This horseback-riding [22] Poochie even gets a special saddle.

Francesca:“We clip the rest of Spanky because he has a lot of hair he doesn’t shed out [23] and it’s very hot here in the summer but leave a patch of hair on him and it makes it real cosy for Dally and then she can kind of grip and ride them much better.”

Another part of this miniature horse is maintenance our long rides for exercise. Even then Dally is right there

Steve: “He Dally doesn’t want to let him out of his sight [24] and she loves the exercise.”

Francesca: “Spanky has a tendency to put on weight quite easily so a way to keep him healthy and exercising is to bring him up here. Dally hates to be apart from him so of course she always wants to come.”

Miniature horses are more prone to obesity than their larger cousins to do their small size, so it’s really great that Dally gets regular exercise and has a best friend to work out with. After exercising the pair quenches [25] their thirst at a nearby creek [26]. Spanky gulps down [27] more water than Dally miniature horses drink around 5 gallons of water, a day dally only needs 1 to 2 cups. Then it’s time for this duo to rehearse [28] their act.

Francesca: “Work has really strengthened their bond the fact they do shows they have to depend on each other when Spanky goes over a jump Dally has to trust him.”

Spanky’s not a one-trick pony he’ll try anything as long as Daly’s along for the ride.

Francesca: “They love it. It’s a lot of fun, they really enjoy it.”

These are likely animal friends are an NSYNC team. Will they be able to pull off a completely new stunt [29].

Dally a Jack Russell and Spanky miniature horse are a performing daredevil [30] duo. These unlikely friends are always up for a new challenge.

Francesca: “So I’m about to try a new trick it’s a double jump it’s gonna take a lot of focus on both their parts. Spanky loved to do the tricks they know but I think they like the excitement of a new trick. Ready? This trick is much harder than doing one hurdle because they have to stay focused for two they have to stay straight it’s much more difficult. I’m really excited they did awesome both of them and they think so too. We’ve seen dogs on surfboards and skateboards before but it shows true athleticism that Dally is able to ride Spanky this way not only that there has to be a great amount of trust between these two animals for them to be able to perform these stunts.”

The duo finishes their training session with an exercise that builds patience.

Francesca: I’ve taught him to lay down which really helped his personality lies. Obeying and staying calm like this is something Spanky would never have done before his training and friendship with Dally.

Francesca: “And now he’s come to love laying down.”

Every spring these unusual friends take their act on the road.

Francesca: “The secret to their success in the shows is that they enjoy each other and they have a good relationship, their friendship is really the catalyst for the shows. I never wanted a dog and pony show but that’s exactly what I got.” Audiences across the country are amazed and touched by the friendship between these unlikely animal friends.

Francesca: “I love to see the joy they bring to people old people young people. I mean it’s just amazing to see that looks on their faces and that just the delight when those two are up to their antics [31].”

Even when they’re not working this horse and pooch can’t get enough of each other.

Francesca: “Spanky Dahlia oh really close and I think each year that goes by they just get closer and closer.”

Dally and Spanky are proof that life is better when a good friend has got your back.

Francesca: “They’ve got a great and special bond I don’t know if I’ll ever see anything like that again.”


equine [‘ekwaɪn] traders [‘treɪdəz] торговцы лошадьми
tend to [tend] ухаживать за кем-либо
herd [hɜːd] стая
previous [‘priːvɪəs] owner – предыдущий владелец
biting [‘baɪtɪŋ] кусаясь
kicking |ˈkɪkɪŋ| лягаясь
combative [‘kɔmbətɪv] агрессивный
checked out – отметила (здесь как: взяла себе)
litter [‘lɪtə] приплод, помет
Jack Russell puppy [‘pʌpɪ] щенок породы Джек Рассел
runt [rʌnt] самое маленькое животное (в помете)
feisty [‘faɪstɪ] вздорный
spectator [spek’teɪtə] наблюдатель
hopped up – вскочил
calming [‘kɑːmɪŋ] effect успокаивающий эффект
to put spank [spæŋk] шлепать
custom-made [‘kʌstəm] сделанная на заказ
feeding [‘fiːdɪŋ] bar [bɑː] падающая балка
grooming [ˈɡruːmɪŋ] чистка (лошади)
hang [hæŋ] out находиться, проводить время
cosy [‘kəuzɪ] уютный
horseback [‘hɔːsbæk] – riding [‘raɪdɪŋ] верховая езда
shed [ʃed] out сбрасывать
doesn’t want to let him out of his sight – не хочет упускать его из виду
quench [kwenʧ] – утолять (жажду)
creek [kriːk] ручей
gulp [gʌlp] down глотать
rehearse [rɪ’hɜːs] репетировать
stunt [stʌnt] трюк
daredevil [‘deəˌdev(ə)l] рисковый
antic [‘æntɪk] шалость

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