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Voting for the best projects of the All-Russian competition for the development of ecotourism is in full swing

Все об экотуризме и развитии природных территорий:

открытая программа Акселератора Всероссийского конкурса In August, as part of the Acceleration program of the All-Russian competition for the creation of tourist and recreational clusters and the development of ecotourism in Russia, an open online lecture program was launched. These are 8 educational practice-oriented events - everyone who is not indifferent to the topic of ecotourism and conservation of natural areas can become participants.   Open talk is held weekly on Wednesdays, from 12.00 ...

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Forest Camp — 24-28 September 2020

The history of the forest restoration camp began in Baikal region with the initiative of people who are not indifferent to help reforestation after the devastating fires in 2015. Then burned > 1.5 million hectares, which is half the area of Belgium. In autumn 2015, the first planting took place on the island of Olkhon, where there were huge burned areas. Camp volunteers decided to engage in the restoration of the Baikal taiga, because at that time ...

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