CRM and Sales Conference

25.09.2019 AmoCRM. Interesting marketing conference not only for highering up your marketing skills and sales, but also finding good network connections #crmday  Больше фотографий с мероприятия уже скоро! Stay tuned! Следите за обновлениями!The all-Russian forum "CRM and sales" gathered more than 1,500 participants in the Event-Hall of the city Park "Grad". Business owners, marketers, advertisers, sales managers and many others. The speakers of amoCRM were the leading experts in the field of marketing, development of ...

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Gil Pitersil - interview

Interview with Gil Petersil

Maybe, some of you can ask, who is Gil Petersil? He is co-owner of 6 successful businesses (MeetPartners, Global Club, MeetSpeakers, Go Global Mastermind, ChallengeMe, Visa Global), professor at SKOLKOVO and Synergy University, co-founder of more than 20 companies in Russia and abroad, business and life coach mentor of 1000+ startups in various fields, exclusive Russian representative of Tony Robbins, №1 partner to international educational company Success Resources, author of ...

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Synergy Global Forum 2018-2019

One of the most prominent business events in the world, Synergy Global Forum, took place at the Olympic Sport Complex (Moscow) from November 26 to November 27, 2018. It’s always good to make an overview of such events over a period of time so you can see the scale of the event when you step back. More than 60 speakers and over 25 thousand participants from around the world took ...

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Times Higher Education Ranking

The Times Higher Education published a new ranking where Russia is in TOP3 with Japan and USA regarding the amount of universities presented (Russia is presented with 30 universities whilst Japan - 41, and USA - 31)Times Higher Education опубликовал новый рейтинг, в котором Россия находится в ТОП-3 с Японией и США по количеству университетов (представлено 30 вузов, в то время как Япония - 41, а США-31)The Times Higher Education ...

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