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Ecology & Smart Recycling

Topics of Ecology and Recycling are always timely, but nowadays
it gets more and more attention from the ordinary people
and of course from the media, as well. Just imagine, how many
kilos of garbage we throw away every day? Plastic bottles, carton
packets, plastic bags, food leftovers, read papers, used batteries,
you don't need to go too far - just look into your garbage bin.
In Russia about 90% people throw it in a dustbin instead of recycling
it separately... Only thinking about nature now, we can
have a a better tomorrow!

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What can be done?

Greenpeace launched a new project [8],
irecycle.ru "One Million for Separate Collection."
They want to collect a million signatures
[9] under an appeal [10] to mayors [11]
of cities and regional governors [12] with the
requirement [13] to make mandatory [14] the
installation of tanks for separate waste collection
in each yard.

Speaking of a separate waste collection, we
mean solving a specific problem that concerns
each of us, our home, yard, city. After all, a
separate collection is primarily the health of
our children, who will not have to inhale the
air poisoned [15] by incineration plants [16].
If you are ready to start to collect garbage separately
today, you can find the addresses of recycling
points on recyclemap.ru.

Compost, Recycling, or Trash
Still confused about what waste goes in which
bin? Let's figure out!
Some waste goes into composting, it is a biodegradable
[17], organic waste, meaning it
can be broken down. It is sent to a location
where it is then decomposed [18], recycled
into nutrient-rich soil [19] that can be used
to fertilize plants and crops [20]. Basically, a
continuous cycle that puts nothing to waste.

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9 апреля 2019 года, Денис Евграфов и Владислав Тищенко провели очень важную встречу с руководителем департамента экологии, Алексеем Федоровичем Карякиным: